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Article published at: Mar 5, 2015 Article author: thepinklocket Article tag: Accessories
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Beaded Stacking Bangles

Spring is my favorite season, and it’s not because I’m a Spring baby.  There’s just something about that transitioning weather that makes it so wonderful.  The colors of Spring just bring a certain vibe that’s refreshing.  My newest collection is bringing just that, a refreshing vibe.  With this collection I wanted a way to infuse some color, so I’ll be using Vintaj metal paints.  Gold Necklace Crystal Dangle (1)


I’ve even decided to throw a bit of “vintage” in the the mix with vintage crystal chandelier pieces.

Gold Earrings Dangle

Keeping gold metal as the base, these earrings will also have a splash of color.

Gold Metal Ring

Gold Ring Hammered Metal

Since I can’t decide on just one type of ring, I’m going to create two for this collection, both with a gold brass base.

Hope you enjoyed my sketchpad peek.  What are some of your favorite jewelry designs? Drop a comment or subscribe to my list for more jewelry peeks.