Make It Monday: Taking You On a Refreshed Decor Office Tour

Article published at: Apr 20, 2015 Article author: thepinklocket Article tag: decor
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Office Design Refresh


Now that spring has arrived, I decided it was time for an office/jewelry studio refresh.  It was time to re-organize and purge and I have to admitted, I never thought purging items could be so therapeutic.  The biggest project of them all was re-designing a gem of an armoire which my fellow Thrift Wives found for me at Goodwill.  Furniture makeovers can be a bit tricky, especially when it comes to painting.  There’s always the fear of “will this turn out right?”  The great thing about DIYs is you can always start again.

2015-02-27 14.34.35

Jewelry Work Station Armoire DIY


I’m not going to lie, painting this was a task and moving it upstairs to my office was a behemoth of a task.  Tinkering with the idea of painting it a really funky color, I settled on the color black and painted the knobs gold. I figured simple is best since I don’t plan on moving from its current spot.  The biggest need that I have when it comes to creating jewelry is I need space to spread my items out, but also be able to hide the mess so that I can function effectively when I’m not creating.  What I love most about the armoire is that it has doors that I can just close up when I’m done, and then go back to working when I need to.

Inside Armoire


Office Organization 5

Office Organization 4

Those memory and photo boxes are also a great way to organize my tools, supplies and other office items.  Those wonderful magazine holders are also organization life savers, not to mention they are budget friendly.  I re-used and re-purposed a lot of items I already had, just so I did not have to spend a lot refreshing the look and feel.

Office Organization 2


Office Organization 1


Now let’s talk about accessorizing, every office needs pretty things to look at.  I made what I like to call a “pretty wall.”  I plan on adding an accent little chair and my “pretty wall” will be the background for all my DIY videos that I plan on creating.



Office Decor Design 1


I even made use of empty spaghetti glass jars and coffee tin cans, just added a little spray paint and boom they become pretty storage items.


Office Decor 3



What are some of your spring refresh decor looks?  Please drop me a comment and be sure to sign up to my list for more style ideas and DIY posts.